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We are Mark and Kelly, exploring the backroads and trails of North America in an F250 equipped with a Four Wheel Camper. Armed with little more than hiking boots and extreme stubbornness, we have chased bears, scared deer, and yes, run away from moose. Even if you are allergic to dirt, check out the blog for the pictures. And if you are a fellow outdoors enthusiast, be sure to let us know your favorite spot on earth so we can go visit too at

About Mark

Mark's first camping trip was as a 6 month old, camping in Yosemite Valley with his family. His mom used to throw an old blanket on the ground and let him play with rocks and pine cones, so he comes by his love of the outdoors honestly. One of his first memories is waking up from a nap and looking up at the swaying tree tops, smelling the mix of dust and pine. Before he met Kelly he camped with his family, backpacked with his high school buddies, and hiked the Muir Trail with his uncle.  He is the technical guy behind the photos, taking some that are included in the blog and supplying the technical information to Kelly to improve hers. Additionally he's the Head Truck Maintenance Guy, as well as the Tool Master. His claim to fame is once chasing a large black bear out of camp armed with nothing but a marshmallow stick.

About Kelly

Kelly's outdoor experiences started with camping trips along the California coast with her father and brothers. Somewhere around grade school her father acquired a sailboat, after which most of her camping/outdoor trips were by water--mostly the San Francisco Bay and San Joaquin Delta area--with the occasional trips as far north as the San Juan Islands in Washington state. One of her first memories is falling into the water, seeing her father dive in with his glasses on to save her, and thinking "Why didn't he take his glasses off?" Kelly writes the blog and takes about half of the photos. For their adventures, she is in charge of the pre-planning, cooking, navigation, and reservations/permits. Her claim to fame is being able to eat salami lying down in the back seat of the moving truck while reading a book, a feat that makes Mark turn green just thinking about.

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